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5 Tips for First Time Investors

Posted by Angie Keele on March 20, 2018 in  Buyers  Investors
                                                     5 Tips for First Time Real Estate Investors            It’s never too late to begin investing in real estate…’s never too early either. Real estate offers a solid investment opportunity which can provide not only an income stream but long term value appreciation as well. Regardl... read more
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Anyone who is in Gallatin County right now is facing the issue of being able to afford a home.  It doesn't matter is your renting or thinking of buying, you are aware that we have a shortage of affordable homes.  As a Realtor affordable housing is on my mind every day.  I want the people in my community to live where they work.  So, for today’s post I’ve come up with a list of homes located in Bozeman, Belgrade, and Manhattan that meet my qualifications of being affordable. M... read more
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Sellers! Are you leaving money on the table?

Posted by Angie Keele on February 16, 2018 in No Category
Here in Bozeman it is definitely a sellers’ market. Inventory is low, prices are high, but if you’re thinking about selling your home this year there are a few things you should still be doing to get the highest price you can.   Now you’re probably thinking “What else do I have to do? I have a great house and it will sell no problem.”   Odds are it probably will, but these things I am about to tell you will give you a better chance of receiving more offers at or above ... read more
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Quick Tips On VA Loans

And How To Use Them
Posted by Angie Keele on January 30, 2018 in No Category

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Market Update

Up to date information on the Gallatin County Market
Posted by Angie Keele on January 22, 2018 in No Category
The Quick Overview December home sales were slower, Holidays I’m sure making a difference but also fewer homes on the market resulted in pricing increase to compensate.  Pending sales in Gallatin County were down 1.7 The largest gain was in $275,000 with a 5.6% increase in sales price. The average home price is up 6.8% to $330,000.Of course call me with any questions are to get specific data for you price range ... read more
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