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5 Easy Ways to Decorate for the Holidays Without All the Stress

Posted: November 06, 2018 by Angie Keele

As much as we love the holidays, it brings a whole lot of stress as we prepare and decorate. Here are 5 simple things you can do to transform your home without much hassle!

1.Use your Halloween decor

Take those plastic pumpkins and stack them accordingly to make a cute little snowman for your entryway!

2. Use the fir

Whenever you decide to pull your tree out of hiding (or cut one down yourself) don’t grimace at the sight of all the fir. Instead, use the tree trimmings in your decor! You can add it to the bow on your present or put it on your table, with a tall candle in the middle as a centerpiece.

3. Decorate using painting tape

We don’t mean use the tape as the decoration, we mean use it as a way to affix your decorations to the wall! Simply put the tape on the wall and add hot glue to the other side to hang up your decorations. This will allow for easy take-down and fewer holes!

4. Leftover wrapping paper

Use wrapping paper to cover shoeboxes and stack them, or create these cute christmas trees with wrapping paper and use it as a centerpiece or door-entry decoration.

5. Add chalkboards to your decor

Chalkboards and chalkboard tape can be used as a festive decorating piece or even as a way to direct guests to certain areas of your home!

What additional ideas can you come up with?  Share them on my Facebook page!


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